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Ways to Help

(What needy cause, jumps out at you...)

Any help is appreciated.

We are still developing this website and our donation buttons will be up soon. In the meantime if you would like to donate please send us a check to Lighthouse Of God Ministries Lighthouse Charity Shop. 9 Market Street. Aberdare CF44 7DY.

Please write on back of check what you would like funds to go too.

Many thanks. 

  • Sponsor a child appeal for food & education - £10 a month

  • Sponsor a sack of Rice - £15 a month

  • Sponsor a sack of Beans - £15 a month

  • Sponsor a sack of Fruit - £15 a month

  • Sandrine Appeal: Help a sick child - £10 a month

  • Guardianship Appeal: Help a family take on an orphan - £15 a month 


  • Books and Stationary - £10  

  • Maintenance of School - £10 

  • School Uniform/Shoes Appeal - £15

  • Self help Chicken Project - £8

  • Teachers Bonus Pay (any amount)

  • General funds to pay bills (any amount)

  • Kibera Secondary School Project (any amount)

  • Long term project to buy land first then build boarding school etc. (any amount)




  • Every child should have the right to learn how to read and write and  learn for their future. 

  • At St Stephens they are  a self help school  so children can attend without uniform and shoes.

  • All our teachers live in Kibera Slum  so they understand the hardships children face day to day.

  • SPONSOR A CHILD £10 a month. £2.00 out of the £10 goes towards paying wages for our teachers, to educate a slum orphan/child


  • If you sponsor a child £8  goes to providing an orphan/needy child  porridge for breakfast. This is made of maize flour and this is keeping children alive. Any other funds raised by our Charity Shop, collection tins, online etc  helps children get lunch. (rice beans fruit, and milk.)

  • ​Michelle's goal is to get all 600 children sponsored. so far we have 225 children sponsored. 

  • ​The more children we can feed the happier and healthier the children will be. 

Small girl holding buscuit pack


You can make a difference.

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Raise Awareness

Create an Impact

Join us in making a difference. The time is now.
Thank You.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can take part.

Become a Lighthouse Partner.

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